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You may have never met Tony Patti, owner of Commercial Marine Displays but I'm sure you've probably seen his work. With over 40 years of experience and more than twenty-five years in buisness, he has outfitted the areas finest restaurants, Dr.'s and DDS.'s offices, hospitals, medical centers and YMCA's with high end custom aquariums. He's also created amazing in-home-systems that turn a simple home into a "Hollywood" mansion

Affectionally known as "King of the Customs," Tony can set up a tank from scratch, 50gals.-50,000gals. Whether you're looking to go with fresh water fish or a salt water reef tank he will walk you through the initial design, set up and installation. Then on top of it all, Tony can service your system to keep it looking beautiful for many years to come.

Over the past 25 years, it has become our goal to maintain only the highest standards in this industry. It is our fondest desire to provide the best possible solution based on our successful history and the countless professional affiliates that we have cultivated in this industry. Each of our aquariums is not only designed to harmonize with one's decor, but it also fits with each individual personality.

There are literally no boundaries with regards to color, size or shape. You can rest assured that the production of each aquarium is gingerly handled from conception to fruition by a highly experienced staff of professionals. With over 40 years of experience let Commercial Marine Displays design and maintain your next aquarium.


• Custom saltwater and freshwater aquariums:
• Architecturally designed custom tanks
• Acrylic tanks: custom shapes and sizes
• Shark tanks
• African Cichlid tanks
• Custom acrylic bio-filters
• Existing aquarium relocations
• Full maintenance programs
• Furniture quality cabinets and canopies
• Fully insured
• Authorized service provider for Marineland lobster tanks

• Residential and commercial displays featured in:
• Doctor and Dentists offices
• Waiting rooms
• Lobbies
• Senior living centers
• Hospitals
• Medical centers
• Restaurants

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